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Car collisions are inevitable. You could be a cautious driver, only to have someone carelessly swerve at you and bump into your car.

If your car is insured, the insurance company will pay for the repairs. However, you should not only accept the body repair shop recommended by the company. Some may look promising, then do a sloppy job with the repairs.

In this article, we give you important tips on choosing the right body repair shop.

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Winter driving conditions can be hazardous due to factors such as snow and ice on the road. While it’s important that you are prepared for winter driving, it is also important that your car is up for the challenge. Follow the recommendations below before the winter season to make sure your car can handle winter road conditions.

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If you own a car long enough, this thought has probably popped up in your head at one time or another: I wonder how to fix a small dent in my car. No matter how carefully you drive or how well you take care of your vehicle, you will probably end up with a car dent or two sooner or later.

Auto body dents can occur for many different reasons, such as somebody opening their car door into yours, or a careless driver bumps into you from behind during a traffic jam and puts an unsightly dent in your fender. Perhaps you accidentally throw a baseball into your car while playing catch with your kids.

Often, people have no idea how the dent got there. They walk out to their car one day after work and there’s a dent in the side panel that wasn’t there before. If you’re lucky, the person that caused the dent will leave a note with their contact information. If not, you’re on your own, which can be very frustrating.

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Choosing a body shop is an important decision that helps you keep your car in the best condition after an accident. Be sure to consider the following factors when you choose an auto repair center to find a shop that will get your car back to its original condition:

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You’re driving through a thunderstorm one day when your car starts getting pelted by marble-sized hail. Not only can hailstones leave noticeable pits and dents in your car’s metal surfaces, larger chunks can crack your windshield and cause serious damage. And, if you live in “Hail Alley” states like Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas, your vehicle is at greater risk for getting damaged in a hailstorm. Fortunately, auto body and glass repair shops today have the capabilities to cost-effectively fix most vehicles even after they’ve suffered hail damage.

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If your vehicle has minor scratches and scuffs, it may seem ideal to use touch-up paint yourself. While this may seem like a great money saving idea to get your car looking new again, it may be a better idea to leave it to the professionals. Inexpensive and fast don’t always equal good quality. Here are a few good reasons to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop.

You may not find the perfect color match.

Paint reacts to sun and fades naturally, which means the color is not the same as when you bought the car. Therefore, you may have a hard time finding the perfect color match. A shop that specializes in auto painting and auto body repair can either find or mix the color that belongs on your vehicle. Plus, you can avoid driving a spotted car.

You may not know how much is the right amount to apply.

When using store bought touch-up paint, the applicators don’t always work in your favor. Often times, the applicator causes you to use too much paint. Applying too much paint will leave you with a raised or uneven surface, which will turn those small...

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When a vehicle is involved in an accident, no matter how fast or slow it was going, it is always a good idea to have it evaluated for damage, even if you can’t see any with the naked eye. Whether your car suffered dents or not does not hinder the possibility of hidden collision damage that can cause issues with the frame, resulting in an unsafe vehicle. However, other people choose to just put off having visible damage repaired because they find it too expensive or unnecessary. Doing this can cause additional problems for your car or truck in the long run. Here are three reasons to alway head to the body shop following any car accident, even those at low speeds.

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In addition to annual maintenance, here are some tips to winterize your car:

  • Test your battery; battery power drops as the temperature drops
  • Make sure the cooling system is in good working order
  • Have winter tires with a deeper, more flexible tread put on your car
  • If using all-season tires, check the tread on your tires and replace if less than 2/32 of an inch
  • Check the tire pressure; tire pressure drops as the temperature drops
  • Check your wiper blades and replace if needed
  • Add wiper fluid rated for -30 degrees
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze

Remember to keep your car’s emergency preparedness kit fully stocked, too.