Why You Shouldn't Ignore Hail Damage to Your Car

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Hail of any size can damage your car, but usually, hail with a diameter of more than one inch is the most likely to cause severe damage to your car’s body, paint, and even windows, and unless you’re paying close attention to the weather forecast, a hailstorm may catch you by surprise. It's therefore essential to know what hail damage looks like on your car and know when to bring it to the Southern Peak Auto Body shop in Colorado Springs for a quick repair. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t be ignoring hail damage on your car!

Get hail damage repair to keep your car’s value high!


Any vehicle in excellent condition will suffer from depreciation after hail damage. This is because of the dents and paint damage, especially if the car was in the storm for an extended period.

To regain your car's full value for resale, you’ll want to bring it in to Southern Peak Auto Body for an auto hail repair service! We’ll perform a professional paintless dent removal to bring out the best in your car and get it back to looking like new! Remember not to try to repair the dents on your own, because you could make them worse on accident, causing additional repair needs.

Hail repair can add up if you wait and let it rust

Possible Costly Repairs

If you ignore your hail damage for a long period of time, your vehicle's steel body could begin rusting around the dents and any punctures in the paint seal. Paintless dent removal is among the least expensive, fastest, and most dependable repair options you will find and at Southern Peak Auto Body, our technicians are expertly trained to perform auto hail repair quickly and professionally. Get an estimate up front by contacting us today!

Your car may take longer to repair in the shop if you don’t bring it in right away

You Will Spend More Time Without a Vehicle

Some insurance companies don’t cover car rentals, meaning that if you don’t take your car in to auto dent specialists for hail repair on your car, you might be spending longer than expected without a vehicle. Southern Peak Auto Body works with all insurance companies to help ensure that you can access a rental car while yours is repaired.

 Shattered glass is unsafe in your car, get it fixed with Southern Peak Auto Body

Shattering Glass

Heavy storms may hit your car glass a little too hard, causing shattered glass or windows. When this happens, bring your car to Southern Peak Auto Body! Our professional team of auto repair specialists will work with you to make sure your vehicle is back in peak condition, with sturdy, reliable windows that can withstand future hail storms. The sooner you bring your vehicle to us after a hail storm, the sooner you can get back out on the road with a safe and beautiful vehicle.

Hail storms can take a toll on your vehicle, which is why it's necessary to have clear deductibles for a quick fix on your car, truck, or SUV. Southern Peak Auto Shop is here for quick and budget-friendly auto hail repairs for any vehicle in Colorado Springs. Get a free walk-in estimate today!

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